Same-sex couples

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Same-sex couples 

Your way to the desired child 

We understand that the desire to become a parent is universal, regardless of sexual orientation. Since January 2015, Austria has made it possible for lesbian couples to realise their desire to have children through sperm or egg donation.

For lesbian couples who want to fulfill their dream of having their own child, we at ReproCreate are at your side with comprehensive support. Our goal is that the desire to have children of two mums-to-be actually becomes a desired child. We accompany you sensitively and professionally on every step of your way to the big little miracle.

Our holistic care is individually tailored to your needs and includes all the necessary steps to realize your desire to have children. Whether you choose sperm or egg donation or are considering other reproductive medicine procedures, you will receive the same loving support from us.

In our fertility clinic, we create a warm and caring atmosphere that gives you a feeling of security. We are always here to provide you with advice and support and to start your journey to becoming a parent with confidence and hope. Your well-being and emotions are our focus as we work together to fulfill your greatest desire.

Your journey to the child of your choice begins here at ReproCreate – feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can support you.

Your way to the desired child

Lesbian couples

In the past, the decision to have a desired child in a same-sex partnership was often associated with clear roles: one partner was the biological mother, while the other took on the social mother role. But today, new possibilities are opening up, such as the ROPA method, which allows both mothers to establish a genetic link with the child. Before you decide on treatment, it is important to talk openly and honestly about the distribution of roles.

The choice between private sperm donation and sperm bank is also an important step on your way to having the child you want. While some couples prefer private sperm donation for various reasons, many choose to work with sperm banks. These not only offer high-quality sperm, but also clear legal frameworks and the exclusion of numerous genetic diseases.

We are happy to support you in these important decisions and make your dream of becoming a parent a reality.

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Requirements for future mothers

  • Before family planning in Austria, there are some bureaucratic steps that must be taken in accordance with the clear legal situation . Before the couple wishes to use the donated sperm, they must seek advice from a notary public on the legal consequences of the procedure before starting the treatment and obtain consent to the use of a third party’s sperm in the form of a notarized document . This document does not make a marriage or registered partnership mandatory.
  • Couples from abroad also have the opportunity to be treated in our fertility clinic. This is because residence and nationality play an important role in the notarized documents required to fulfill the desire to have children. For example, Germans living in Austria should find out early on which notary can help them with the necessary steps, as German law is different from Austrian law.

What types of treatment are there?

  • Whether intrauterine insemination or IVF method – we advise you individually to find the best method for your needs.
  • We are proud of our cooperation with the seed bank Cryos! This offers the largest selection of sperm donors in the world! In addition, all our customers receive an additional discount.
  • Alternatively, you also have the option of bringing a donor from your family or circle of acquaintances.
  • It is important to note that partial coverage by the IVF Fund is only possible under certain medical indications . These include endometriosis, PCOS and sensingor blocked fallopian tubes in the partner who intends to carry the child to term.

The ROPA Method

  • The ROPA method is an innovative solution that enables lesbian couples to become mothers together by having both women biologically or genetically linked to the child. Unlike conventional egg donation from a third party, this is a partner donation, which means that the ROPA method is permitted in Austria and is becoming increasingly popular.
  • A particular advantage of the reciprocal cycle, which is part of the ROPA method, is the possibility that both women can donate eggs to each other and be pregnant at the same time. The sperm for fertilization can come from a private donation or be ordered from a sperm bank.
  • This method offers lesbian couples a unique opportunity to realize the dream of parenthood together, and we are happy to support you on this special journey.

IVF Fund Support / Private Payment

  • The Austrian IVF Fund has set certain requirements for the coverage of fertility treatments:

Age: The woman carrying the child must not be older than 40 years at the beginning of treatment.

Citizenship and residence status: The partners must be either Austrian citizens or citizens of an EEA member state or Switzerland. In addition, they must have a valid residence permit in Austria or be entitled to asylum. In the latter case, eligibility is checked individually by the IVF Fund.

Notarial deed: Before the start of treatment, consent to treatment must be submitted in the form of a notarial deed in accordance with the Reproductive Medicine Act.

Residence: At least one of the partners must have their main residence in Austria.

Insurance: Both partners must have statutory or private health insurance.

The IVF fund supports up to 4 treatments by covering about 70% of the cost per attempt. The couple only bears a deductible of 30% of the costs. In the case of a pregnancy with confirmation of the child’s positive heart action, the attempts used up to that point will be credited, so that the couple will have another 4 full attempts.

Other fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) are not financially supported by the IVF fund. The cost of the donor sperm must be borne entirely by the couple themselves.


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